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Installing Logic Express 8 failing on the new MacBook Pro?


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Hi all,


I'm a bit of a newbie with Logic (avid Ableton user, but really want to start using sound design tools in Logic).


I used to have a Macbook Pro Intel Core Duom running 10.5.8, and installed Logic Express 8 on it. That worked fine. Then I got Logic Studio V2.0 Upgrade, to upgrade from Express 8. That worked fine too.


I just recently purchased a new MacBook Pro, running 10.6.3 with Core i7...

i tried to do the same installation (also in that order, of course)...and it the install fails every time...


My 2 questions:

1. Any reason why Logic Express 8 wouldn't work on the new MacbookPro's?

2. I did notice this page http://www.apple.com/logicexpress/download/ on Apple's site. Is Logic Express 8.0.2 perhaps my solution? And will this be my solution to installing Logic Studio as well? Or should I download the 2 upgrades?


Thanks muchly for any help you might be able to offer!

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