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Opening L8 projects w/ Apple Loops in L9


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Wow, this threw me for a while until I realized what was happening!


In Logic 8, if you have an audio region that happens to be an Apple Loop, you can put fades on the start and end of the region but they disappear as soon as you click "Follow Tempo" in the region inspector.


So I had just such a track I was working on a few months ago, and when L8 wouldn't let me keep my fades on the tempo-following region, I did the same thing using track automation.


I just opened up the project in Logic 9.1.1 and I couldn't figure out why some of my chopped-up parts weren't sounding quite right. It took me almost an hour to figure out that when I opened up the track in Logic 9, the fades were back! Now the fades were working again, plus I had the automation going on, which didn't sound good at all.


To get around this, I just set the fades to zero on the offending regions.


Time for another beer. Logic 9 is weird.

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