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Help old man get Logic for Win back up


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Laid off Music and my Logic Platinum for eight years while dealing with health matters. Now, I am back somewhat healthy and want to get Logic back up on my PC so that I can see whether my life's work is still even accessible. No sense in buying a Mac if my files are shot anyhow. So here is my situation. I have access to a relatively new PC, i7 and I have my old eMagic 4 master cd, and I have the Logic 4>5 upgrade, and finally my old PC Dongle. Here is my dilemma.

1) New PC's do not have a serial port, and that is all my dongle has. Will a PCI card based serial port work with my dongle? How about a USB to serial adaptor?

2) Is all this likely to work once I get it all attached? Or am I just whistling past the graveyard?

Right now, I just want to see if my old music collection still works. If that works I hope to get a Mac and go on from there. I see apple has a conversion path, do I get a new dongle??? Or what?

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