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Mastering audio sounds different from mix? [SOLVED]


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so i have done my proyect i export the mix to a 24 bit wav file. i put it through itunes and sounds cool.


i open a new proyect on logic, a new audio stereo track, and import the wav mix to start the mastering. it sounds messy. it sounds like if i was just hearing one channel.

i have noticed that the audio track has this settings at the left:

e/s input 1 stereo out. shouldnt it be "input 1-2 stereo out?" it only gives me 2 options, input 1 or input 2. but i dont know if that could be the problem.


i have seen that if i create a new audio track in the same proyect, audio starts hearing from both tracks. thats weird.


its the first time im doing mastering, and i cant even start.

i think i must have messed with some settings, what could be the reason for this??

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Click on the circle button on the bottom of the channel strip, below the level indicator and next to the I and R buttons, to make it a stereo channel, and the circle transforms into two interlaced circles, and that means stereo.


thanks ! my problem is solved, it was so simple and it was for me so frustrating :D

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