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Configuring Kyma w/Capybara 320 with 27" 2.8Ghz iMac

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I am trying to figure out the best possible way to use Kyma with one of the latest iMacs. I'm not using the newest Pacarana hardware. I'm using the dated (yet extremely powerful) Capybara 320 with additional DSP cards. My problem at the moment is trying to figure out how to use the iMac's one FireWire 800 port.


It's important to me to have a second drive to record to when using Kyma. This wouldn't normally be a problem when using a tower, but an iMac is a little trickier. I certainly don't want to daisy-chain a FW HD and the Capybara on the same bus. So what I was wondering was: how practical would it be to use an external drive connected via the ethernet port?


If I'm not mistaken, I think that there are some that rotate at 7200rpm. But I've never even thought about it until now. I have zero experience using an ethernet drive in my studio. Do any of you have any experience using an external drive like this? I would love to hear any advise you might have for me... Thanks.


- xpander

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Hey xpander, how ya been?


Read this:



Buy this:



Since the Flame is a FW400 device, you should be OK with another device, but a "good" hub like the one I linked to above, should keep any flakiness and FW voodoo from occurring if you have a FW800 drive attached and you're really pushing it.

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Wow, this is great!! It appears as though I have found the right solution for my needs. I appreciate the help you guys. And fader8, I was hoping you would chime in here since I've noticed that you also use a "Capy".


But I thought it would be more helpful to ask the board instead of asking you directly, in case someone else might have the same question down the road. Besides Kyma, it seems as though we have some other similar gear such as The Logic Control with multiple XT expansion boards, and the always stellar Unitor8 mkII. Ahh, back in the day Emagic made some awesome equipment that is still relevant today.


Thanks again for your input!! Time to dive in to the Kyma wormhole... later!!!


- xapnder

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