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The Future of Computer Based Audio Softwares

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I started to think about this topic a few days ago.


I mean...8 core machines with 12 core in the next few months...this is an impressive and ridicolous amount of power!!!


For now...yeah, I know that I will read this post three years from now and I will laugh out loud... by the way :D


From the virtual instruments view, there are a few company that moves in the "modelling" direction.

I tried Synful Orchestra and Moddart Pianoteq. They are both a great step forward, expecially the second one. I have friends that plays piano from 20 years and they are really impressed by Pianoteq...

And don't forget Roland V-Piano that uses the same approach...


I really miss a Drum Modelling, but I think that something is going to happen in the near future for this field too...

Samples are great, think about Mixosaurus and Superior Drummer 2, but they are fixed in a certain moment of time, not so "alive" so to speak...

Imagine being able to have different shells, wood, metals, beaters, sizes at your complete disposal...and the pass through a large collection of virtual mic and pre, maybe with the possibility to have a 3D render of a drum room and being able to move the mics on the drumset..


On the other side we have Waves, Softube, UAD and other great companies for modelling analog outboard and processors.

Just to name a few Waves SSL4000, UAD Neve 88RS, Softube Tubetech...


And then there are Line6, SansAmp, Peavey, and Fractal Audio for the Guitar/Bass Amp & cab modelling...

I had Line6 Pod, Pod Xt Pro, Guitar Rig 3 and now I'm an happy owner of a Axe FX Standard.

I had in the past, Mesa Boogie Rectifiers, Marshall JCM, Bogner etc.

Yeah I like to have options and try things :D


And least Focusrite with their Liquid Series, both emulating Mic Preamps and classic consoles EQ and Compressors...


And then a new breed of things starts to born...think for example at Harrison MixBus...


Oh these are really great times for us...I mean, for the people that loves this "side" (The Eternal Battle beetween "Analog, Real" vs "Computer, DSP, Modelling, Sample Based").


Oh and by the way, I don't take a cent from one of the companies above for this, just the tought of a music junkie, and I love both "worlds" with the same amount :D


What do you think about it?

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I, like you am not affiliated with anyone. Happy musician here.

I think the Kyma System from Symbolic Sound deserves mention.

Also the Continuum Keyboard.


When I contemplate the marriage of DSP, Digital electronics, and Virtual Computer Environments, the Reconstructive Phrase Modelling that underlies the Synful Orchestra seems like a sleeping giant to me.


It is way to easy to become an armchair quarterback with this. But I am always on the hunt for principles, trends, and promising possibilities. :)

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