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Virtual guitar's string noise [SOLVED]


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Hello !

I am using a virtual instrument called "Classical Acoustic Guitar".

It sounds good, but at the end of some notes, I can hear something like a "glissando" but it's more like a string noise to me. It seems to be recorded in the sample but it's hard to believe they have allowed such a unpleasant noise.

Would you please tell me how to solve this ?

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Ok, I just found the solution myself.

This problem occures when velocity is too low. For example, my A3 sounded bad with velocity value of 66 but it's ok with 67.

May be it's not really a solution because it should sound good at any velocity value, or may be it is a good one because it's the way velocity act on notes, I don't know ! I must admit I'm a ignorant in this field ! Nevertheless I mark it as "solved".

I Hope this will be useful for some others.

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You could also edit (and Save as) the sampler instrument so that squeak (or any squeak, if you like) never plays back...at any velocity. What you're hearing is a release sample triggered by the note-off. These noises are added at different velocities just to make the instrument sound more realistic and natural.


The sample that's bothering you is this one: "50A-2GA1-12". So to "turn it off", open the EXS24 and click the edit button. Make the Zones column on the left wide enough so that you can see what's there. You'll see two groups that are called NYLON GUITAR NOTE OFF 1, and NYLON GUITAR NOTE OFF 2. Go into each one and organize the Audio file column by name by clicking on it. Look for the 50A-2GA1-12.aif sample -zone- (there will be 4 in each note-off group ) and turn the volume all the way down for it in the mixer column (or delete the zones from the instrument...the samples won't be erased from your hard drive).

Close the edit window and you will be asked if you want to save the instrument, give it a different name and save it in your instruments folder (If you don't have one, make one)...and, if you loaded the Classical Acoustic Guitar channel strip setting and not just the exs24 instrument, you're going to have to save your own version of the channel strip setting.



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