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Looking for a Swoosh

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Sort of like this maybe?


(ES2 Preset)


That's excellent, fader8. It took me about 10 seconds to find the right swoosh "pitch" with that preset. Groovy! The user could easily speed it up/slow it down etc. to get the right timing in their song.

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When I try and open it it says ".... could not be opened" :[, why is this?

Where are you trying to open it from?


Move the file to your desktop. Open Logic and create an instrument track. Load the ES2 into that channel strip.


In ES2, click the preset dropdown list and select Load Setting. Navigate to the desktop and pick the file. Done.


After that, you can do a Save Setting As and it will always show up in the settings list.

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I hate plugging but it's the way of the world these days :lol:




Equinox Presents Electronic Art 1. There's quite a few like that on my sample pack. If you listen around 1.10 the main synth when it opens it filter fully.


Available from





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