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Dropping samples into the EXS24 [SOLVED]


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I just paid for/downloaded a new .sf2 file, but I can't seem to get it into the proper folder to use in the EXS24 sampler.


Here's what the instructions say that come with the new sample:


"In order for Logic to recognize the soundfont file you will need to move it into this directory: Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments."


But how do I find this directory on my Mac? I've searched "Library"....I've searched "Application Support"...."Sampler Instruments"....even names of existing samples in the EXS24.......I can't find the folder to put this in.


What's really frustrating is that, when I choose existing samples in the EXS24, it will show me sometimes that I have duplicate samples...and it shows me the proper routing path, exactly as above.


...so I know this folder exists, exactly on the path that the Sonivox instructions say....but how do I get there? Where is it, so I can drop the sample in? How do I find my "Library"?


I'm new to this. Thank you for your help!

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