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First big Logic project


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Hey guys.


I just wanted to share with you all my first extensive project with Logic that I will be working on over the next 2 months.


Primarily I work as a live sound engineer so multi-track recording and working with DAW software is still new territory for me. Never-the-less I have fiddled with Logic on and off since purchasing it.


For the project, I'll be putting together a show reel for a singer I work with. It will contain roughly 21 tracks of audio, including a 9 piece orchestra, backing string tracks, backing vocal tracks, lead vocals, and a click track. I'll be using an MX2424 and Crest V12 48 channel mixer for tracking the orchestra, my MOTU ultralite for single tracking sessions, and of course Logic to create the backing tracks, click, and for the final mix down.


Excitement ensues. I'm sure you will all see me around the boards often over the next few months.



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