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Assigning different Midi Channels


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Hi there,


I have two keyboards, one set to midi channel 1, and the other to midi channel 2.


I have two instances of exs24, one with kicks and one with snares.


Basically, I want one keyboard to be kicks and the other to be snares but both are triggering both sounds at once.


I've tried changing the Midi Channel accordingly in the inspector but nothing changes.


Is this something to do with Clicks and Ports in the environment?


Any help much appreciated.


Tom x

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Set the tracks inspector's midi channel to the corresponding channels on your kbds.


THEN: Go to record settings and check the auto "demix by channel..." check box.


Of course this can be accomplished quite easily in the environment too... it's up to you how you want the problem solved. What are you trying to accomplish?

Steve H

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Perfect, exactly what I needed. I have some great snares and kicks in separate exs instruments, but want to play them together when composing.


btw.... Are you THE Steve H, from MPV?


Been working on an album for the past 6 months, and have been watching your tutorials in the mornings. They really are fantastic, thanks so much.


Had a session with a producer a few days ago and I was teaching HIM some things about Logic. So really, thanks a lot.

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