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Use Old G4 as slave for video in Logic

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I have the chance to get my hands on an older G4 tower. Its specs aren't anything amazing.


10.4 Tiger


1.5gb Ram


I've been reading about people installing Logic Studio or Logic 8 on these machines and them running decently.


However, I'm curious as to if I would be able to use this computer to slave to my MBP 2.5 to host videos on a separate monitor. I'm getting more requests for composing to video, and I'd like to have the option to offload some of the processing to another computer.


I realize I could get something with better specs, but this computer is being offered for very cheap and it wouldn't be a problem to network them together.


Anybody know how this machine would run video?

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Yeaah it's a single processor.


I have a spare pc with much better specs than that, but I was having bad luck getting midi over ethernet going with it. I might just get a USB midi device and avoid ethernet all together.

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