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CoreAudio: Disk too slow


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First of all - what I'm using:

MacPro 2x2.8 GHz Quad Core

2GB 800MHz DDR2

OS 10.5.2

Logic 7.2.0

MOTU 828mk2 (Firewire)


Today I was trying to record two Audio tracks at once. A miked up clarinet and a stereo piano. NO plugins on either track.

I have two midi tracks playing external modules (Drums and Bass)


On every take Logic stopped recording, produced a very loud hiss/scream sound and showed the following message:



Disk is too slow.(Record)



I have the 300GB HDD that came with the Mac.


I tried to fix the issue by running the Logic Set Up in case I accidently changed something important, but without success.


Please help - I am completely buggerd!





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Are you recording on the same drive that the Logic application resides on. If so, don't! It's best to record on a separate drive. Think of it as asking your drive to pat its head and rub it belly at the same time... hard to do.



Does your drive have enuf free space? Is your drive overly fragmented? These can cause major issues in recording audio.


Steve H

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thanks for the reply.

YES to all questions!


What HDD do you advise?


I also have been reading about Tascam problems that other people have been having.


I have Tascam FireOne driver loaded but stopped using the hardware unit a while ago because it would cause freezes when used in conjunction with the MOTU 828.

Could this also be causing a problem?


thanks again



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