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Synth Guitar- Interface Axon or Roland?

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ive got a godin synth guitar and now does anyone have experience

with either the axon ax50 midi or the roland gi20?

i posted last month about the godin and recieved some really helpful links

on the boards,

looking for some feedback before we choose wich midi interface to go with.


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I've owned both the axon 50 and Gi 20, and no doubts about it in my mind you have to go for the axon.


First of all latency is much much reduced in the axon, but on top of that there's loads of flexible extra options which you control by a GUI on the Mac so easy to use.


You can set up all sorts of things such as i.e. control a midi parameter depending upon how far you pick from the bridge, so you can control parameters dynamically simply by moving the positing of your picking hand.


I also seem to get much less glitch notes with axon, and that's without bothering to spend a long time tuning it to my playing style (which people say its worth while spending the time to do, so if you do that the results must be even better).

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I had a late 90s model Godin LGX-SA and for some reason, it tracked terribly with the Axon AX-100. A Strat-style guitar with internal GK-2 actually tracked better.


However, from what I hear, this is opposite to most people's experience (most find Godin/Axon a winning combination). I believe Godin improved something in their piezo pickups a couple years after that guitar was built.

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