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Random MIDI patch change problem.

Mr Tom

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Hi, I have been suffering this problem for a while and it has been discussed on the SOS forum: HERE, but with no joy.


It basically concerns incorrect patch data being sent to external synths when you 'Send used instruments MIDI settings' or 'Send all mixer data' using the MIDI Track Mixer.


Yesterday I noticed something new, which I'm sure is related . . .


In a new song, I open the Track Mixer and set it to display MIDI tracks. I then choose Options - Send All Mixer Data, the mixer does this but one control (i.e. a pan, volume, reverb, chorus, bank, or program) may jump to an incorrect position. If I Send All Mixer Data again more controls will jump to incorrect positions (this is a new song, so all controls should be at default values). This procesure can be repeated over and over again, each time the mixer settings becoming more distorted. If I extend the MIDI mixer to display all five assignable controls, they will start to become randomised once they are displayed.


Does anybody else's Logic do this? (I'm on Pro 7.1)


The values taken by the controls seem to be either 0, 100 (or 36R for pans), 127, or 64 - so it is not completely random, though there is no pattern in which controls change value. A control may 'randomise' itself more than once when repeatedly sending the moxer data. No other tracks (i.e. audio, instrument etc.) suffer from the problem at all, just MIDI tracks.


I am sure this is related to the strange phenomenon discussed in the thread at the top, and I thought I'd reveal my new findings as I know I am not the only one suffering from this rather annoying problem.


If anybody knows what is going on, I'd be grateful for any info!





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