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1st Mac Purchase........Any help and advice please??

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Hi Everyone.....


I've finally made a decision on a lifetime and decided to jump into the world of MAC's.


I simply have no Idea on what model spec, size, colour.....etc.


the easiest option would be to opt for the top end G5 (obviously) but due to fund :( this i unfortunatly not an option at the moment.


I wondered if someone on here can help.......



the majority of my music will be using soft synths between 10-15.......8-12 of tracks of audio..... at any one time........


obviously there will be varying degrees of automation in ther aswell but you shud generally get the idea of what i'm after...



thanks to whoever finds the time to respond/help.....


and keep up the great forum!!! :idea:



Mr Blackfinger

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It depends on work habits or conditions. Some people like the portability or need it and they get the new MacBook Pros. Some people like the all-in-ones and get the iMac Dual Core. The rest likes the expandability of the tower and they buy the new Mac Pros with the Xeon chips. Myself I'm on a 2.5 Dual G5 for 2 years now and it's been great. Filled it up to 4Gigs of Ram since lots of it is always good if you're using virtual instruments. If you use Logic make sure you get at least a dual chip or dual core computer since Logic takes advantage of that. I would invest in the new Mac Pros where you can have up to 4 internal drives! Pretty expandable I would say. And it's pretty darn fast!
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thanks David........


sorry to repeat myself.....


i in 2 mind about gettin either a Mac Mini or an Imac..............


I know both can run Logic well...........


but i'd prefer to get a Mac Mini (budgetwise)


are ther any particular models you would recommend? and what possible addition to help it run better.



thanks in advance. :D

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Keep in mind the Mac mini doesn't come with a display, keyboard or mouse, so you'll also have to factor those in the price.


I think even the slower current Mac mini can do a lot (I don't think you'll see much difference between the two models - at least not to justify the $200 difference), however I agree on the comment about RAM. Get 1G minimum, 2G if you intend to use a lot of samples.

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I started with iMac 20 intel which was an incredible machine. Nice to have the large display. I have since jumped to the MacPro.and I am loveing the power of it, But If I would hace to do it again with a bit of a budget I would go with iMac. Nice and portable if you move around.



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