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help with logic midi messages


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I am trying to control the filters in an EXS24 instance using the midi dials and X-Y pad of a Korg PadKontrol.


When I allocate a dial to transmit cc10, I have no problems using it to control the pan of the currently selected track, but when I change the cc number (using the padkontrol software editor) to the midi commands that the EXS manual tells me are for the filter cutoff, etc, they have no effect on either the sound or GUI of the sampler.


The transport display shows that Logic is receiving the midi information perfectly, the correct CC number etc, but why will it not effect the filter or other supposedly midi controllable functions within the sampler?


The X-Y pad seems to work OK with a demo of reFX vanguard, controlling the filter there without needing to be specially set up. Do Logic's own plugins need to be set up somehow? I can't find anything in the manual.

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