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New problem instantiating plug-ins


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Hi y'all,

I'm about 3/4 the way through a song project and out of the blue I can't instantiate any new plug-ins. I just get a small box with the song title, Instrument number link button and insert name. Same result whether I'm in Arrange or Track. All previosly inserted plug-ins open fine. I've closed & reopened. What did I do??!!



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Well. I just figured out that I can instantiate the plug-ins if I use the top (first) insert slots.

The lower slots won't work even if all the slots in the channel strips are empty.

This (problem) has developed as the song has got more busy. Not a big deal except the top slots are not alwas readily visible.





LP 7.2.3

OS 10.4.8

G5 Dual 2.5GB RAM

Motu 828 MkII

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