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No sidechaining unless TDM


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You couldnt make this up just got back from holiday to find out you must buy protools HD no less to sidechain ssl4000 bus comp.

Yeah right!Come on apple sort this out TDM has a lot less users than core audio so why the anomaly.

This really is a big deal if you want to mix inside logic.



Thanx Paddo :roll:

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Waves do not support the sidechaining feature in audio units but may do so in the future.It works in TDM because they support protools.

How can you blab on about how faithfull these plugs are to the originals when one of the main features is not even supported.

Dont get me wrong these plugs are mega but be aware the bus comp is virtually useless on a mix bus if you cant sidechain.



Cheers Paddo

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