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MIDI ppm in Logic?


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I'm wondering if someone can explain me what 'ppm' means in terms of MIDI, and if there is any option in Logic Pro where you can change the 'ppm' value.





powerbook G4/1.5Hz/1.2Gb RAM/OSX 10.3.9/MOTU 828MK2/ LOGIC PRO 7.1

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Basically i have a 'Midi to Synch' converter for a TR-808. The manual (which is 1 A4 page!) among others says:


"If you use a computer, select SEND-MIDI-CLOCK out in your program and set the clock to 24ppm! otherwise the converter will run out of synch."


My 808 seems to sync to Logic but with a small latency. Is there any suggestions?



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