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Arrange Window: Sorting Layers


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Hey there---


first post on the LPH forum :)


I was fiddling around in Logic, and by complete luck realized that if you add ":" to a layer name, it will create a "folder" in the layer's list in the Arrange page.


For example, you could have

VSL: Woodwinds

VSL: Strings

VSL: Brass

Giga: Strings

Giga: Brass


... and, in the Arrange window, the layers will show up as two folders (VSL and Giga) and their subfolders (Woodwinds, Strings, Brass / Strings, Brass).


So, I messed around and found out that if you add an "-" at the start of a layer name, and add a basic object in thats same layer (like an blank instrument), then it will show as a separator (a big line) in the list of layers.


So, I was wondering if anyone knew - or where I could find - the complete list of triggers/keys that you can put in a layer's name to change the way it shows up in the Arrange page?


Thanks in advance,


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well, what I'm trying to say is that in the Arrange page, when you hold on a track name, you can then see a the list of layers that exist in your environment.


By default, the layers are sorted by name and they all appear as a list.


As I pointed out, and as you said, if you add an ":" in the name, you can create folders and subfolders in that list.


As I also pointed out, if you add an "-" at the start of a layer's name (in the environment), the layer disappears from the list in the Arrang page, and instead it creates a separator, a line.


So, my questions was, where can I find the list of keys, besides ":" and "-", that act directly on the way layers show up in the Arrange page. There must be other modifier than ":" and "-" ...



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