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TC native Bundle


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Hi David,

That's the thing, I also checked there & it wasn't listed either. :?


I loaded the V3 software on which is VST only & then the updater should do some sort of wrap I think. I checked after loading & the TC bundle is in the VST folder & the TCAU is in the Components folder. Is that corect?


I've only just switched over from PC Logic to Logic pro on a Mac, so unless I'm doing something wrong I really can't see what might be the problem.


Thanks in advance for any help

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If I remember:

there are more files you have to install because TC Native bundle is not really bundle of AU format plugins


Send email to TC Support. They are great, helped me everytime. In case you will have no luck send me a PM or what. I do have this bundle installed and I can check out what the he*ll you are missing :)

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