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Free Bricasti M7 IRs

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I believe the problem with left side bias is unique to those who load SD in a mono-stereo instance on a mono channel, rather than on an aux channel (bus/send), which in the latter case produces the desired results. Another way to get around this is to force stereo on a channel by using the sample delay plugin before SD (and, don't use any sample delay). But using the aux send channel is best practice anyway.
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Just thought I would share this:






Have a look.



Can you share these again? The link isn't working for me.




To everyone interested in downloading, here's the link from the web archive website. I would guess this link will always work, including the files themselves...?


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Hey, I know it's a year later but I came here in search of the left leaning answer. I believe I figured it out, so I thought I would share. 

The L wave is actually a stereo wave with the left side the main verb side (louder) and the right side is the part that's mixed in on the right and a little lower. 

The R wave is actually a stereo wave and the right side is the main verb side (louder) and the left side is the part mixed in with the left side and lower in volume. 

When I try to pull these both in to Space Designer, it's only processing the L wave (in stereo) but it's heavily left leaning. If you pull the waves into Logic you will see the disparity. 

The fix for this is to take the one quad file, drag it into space designer and select True Stereo. Then set the top two waves to Speaker Position L L and the bottom two to R R. Then the top two mic positions to L R and the bottom two to L R. (It should default to this, but just in case). Then create a setting from that. When you do this, the verb is true stereo and the image is centered because it's taking the impulses in correctly. The L and R waves have the same four waves as the one quad file, but for whatever reason I can't get SD to process them correctly. The only way I could make it even is the Quad wave pulled into SD and processed as True Stereo.


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