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Couple of questions on Logic


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Let's face it, Logic is the best MIDI/audio DAW outr there.


I am considering purchasing an Imac dual core 2.0 Ghz to use Logic pro. Would this be O.K.??? My main interest is to use the instuments and plug ins. Build what I call mini-tracks and bounce each part to wav. file and then dump them in Ableton Live 6, where I finalize my tracks. It's my work flow, it works for me. Mix/"Master" the final composition in Logic, ETC.


I am currently using a P.C. and Logic 5.5 - My question, can I upgrade to Logic pro 7.2 for a crossgrade price from PC to Mac???? Will the Imac be powerful enough? I will be doing Hip-Hop tracks and electronic IDM music/minimal stuff.


Any advices will be greatly appriciated


BTW - What kind of sound libray comes with EXS24 these days??? How big is it and what kind of quality??? I'm sure they give you a lot more than what came with Logic 5 for it!

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I very much doubt you'll get a crossgrade price to move from PC to mac.


I use an imac and i'd say it's fine. I'm not a super heavy pro user or anything but i put it through it's paces and it performs just fine. I've never had any problems at all.


My macbook runs it very weill too.


Go for it.


PS. Check ebay for Logic. Bargains to be had there. ;)

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