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Opinions/Advice on Instrument Samples

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I have noticed a lot of us are interested in buying new instrument samples, myself included. As a whole I think we could save time and money if we all just shared our experience with what we bought, what we liked/didn't like. Basically, if you have bought instrument packages and would like to just let us all know what is good or bad about it.


The idea is that all the pros and cons could be in one convenient thread.


I'll start with my LIMITED experience...


GB JamPack Orchestral Pack

- Pretty Good Pizz Cello, Viola

- Good Harp

- Good Steinway Piano

- Good String Trem, Trills

- Versatile Orchestral Drum Kit

- Fair Clarinet Section (if tweaked)

- Fair French Horn Section (if tweaked)

- Poor Overall Strings (normal bowing and playing sounds like synth NOT real)


- Overall Great for the price, if you want a cheap basic array of instruments go with this


If anyone else has something to share about a purchase they made it would be great!

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