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Help, pretty please, w/sale of Logic


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Hi - I recently sold my Logic Platinum 5.5, and the MAC license has expired for the guy who purchased. I am trying to get in touch with someone to try and resolve this - I emailed Logic at support@emagic.de - 3x I got a computer generated email which is the same info as on their website - which says "If you have Logic version 5 or 6, please send your request via email to support@emagic.de."


Well, I did that already. Tried to get someone on the phone at Apple - sheesh...I thought Microsoft's support was bad - there's is God-awful! I tried calling international info for emagic's # (yes I know they are a part of Apple), but don't know the city in Germany they are in.


Any ideas on what I should do, or what I should tell this guy? What city they are in? Anyone have a phone #? I am tempted to let this guy try and fend for himself, but being that I am the way that I am, I feel some sort of responsibilty, and want to do the best i can to try and help.


Any thoughts will be appreciated - thanks much in advance.

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