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Modifying Vocals


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Well for starters, you can try drinking LOTS of whisky - and if that don't help - maybe you can get someone to grab you by your balls and tell them to squeeze really hard. That should do something to the pitch and maybe also the timbre. For reverb you could try singing inside an empty oil tanker.
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ok let's go :


I assume that as me you are self op : it means that you record yourself alone ( not a easy job)

record as clean as possible ; no eq no comp just your voice, logic and your computer interface have enough headroom to handle it... Make as many takes that your breath can handle ...


compile your takes ( it means that you take the best part of it)

then go to the mixing stage .. a good start is to use the presets in the mixer (see picture) and to play along ... a lot of them are really helpful... and it will learn you a lot on the order of plugs ( eq then comp is diiferent as comp then eq- try this...)

then i eliminate silence with ^S play with the parameters . You can choose to let the breathing noise or eliminate them


Then I start the overall mix and choose the "position" of the vocal and use eq delay and reverb to enhance

another trick : use several tracks to separate the parts ( exemple : one for he verses another for the chorus and another for the coda etc..)

use the automation power of logic to move the levels the pan

another trick play with the delay on the track itself to move the vocal against your backing


voilà ... feel free to contact me at cerbere@tvcablenet.be


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He didn't ask "how do you record vocals", he said how do you CHANGE EQ ON VOCALS....


Instantiate an EQ plug-in and twiddle those knobs, that usually works best :wink:


Seriously, it's like you're asking "what should I wear today, just a t-shirt or a spacesuit?". We have no idea what sound you're trying to achieve, or for what purpose. For all we know, your vocals might sound fine without needing to add EQ. If you want to know what's the best choice for EQ, that's another matter.

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For critical EQ/dynamic tweaks on Lead vocals I use focusrite and avalon compressors and EQs.

Exciter plugin can add some harmonic distortion (something like "Dolby" effect , the original tape-based enhancement method for vocals used since 1970s), although I prefer to use some hardware units for this too.

To modify a pitch, formant and others I use Voice One and VoicePrism Plus from TC Electronics. VoicePrism Plus is good for harmonies as well. Depending on situation, I use one or another for "doubling" etc.

I never really use Autotoune from Antares or Melodyne from Celemony, asVoiceOne does perfectly what is necessary (if there is anything necessaary!) - and in real time.

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