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Loading .wav Files in UltraBeat


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Hii everyone, still new to this site and Logic. Had a quick question (ive tried searching for the answer but no defenitive one). How does the Ultrabeat work for Loading in my own drum .wav files. Right now im able to load the samples but it will play both the loaded one and the sample that was already assigned to that key which from reading i guess is the UB voice.


How i can create my own Drum kit on the Ultrabeat like a Redrum in Reason.


Sorry if this has been asked before, tried serching but could not find it.



One L

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Actually...turn on Osc 2 (the one on the bottom)... set it to "sample" and drag the wav file right from your desktop into the Osc 2's sample window...that's it! If you are still hearing other sounds along with it...turn off Osc 1 and the Noise source!

Each "OSC" has it's own on/off switches!

Have fun...

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