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this question is not limited to logic...it could also be a finale question...or any notation software for that matter...what i would like to know is...how is it possible to route different scores to separate monitors from one computer...ie you a have a band of trumpet, sax, bass, guitar, drums, and keys each having their own monitor coming from the same computer...how is it possible to have each musician viewing their respective score to the song?


and part two...is there a way for the pages to turn or scroll either by a foot controller or any other suggestion? if so how would that be done?


thanks in advance for whoever's anticipated genuis

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there is a product out that holds electronic scores and turns pages automatically, or maybe it's with a footswitch. You should be able to google it.

You'd have to notate the seperate parts and buy a bunch of those.

They're cool, I wish I needed one.


I don't think you're going to get the software to do it.

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