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The show was simply superb. i am soooo glad I went. BT was very inspirational and I feel like I learned a lot in those few moments we had with him. He talks as fast as we think so it was cool...there was a lot jammed into that time frame. I wish I could just hook my head up to his brain for a day and just download all of his muli-leveled, multi-forked, hierarchical tree of thought processes (as i think he put it) into my lacking mind. But I know....he has to work alone, I get it.




Just kidding, thanks a lot BT, that was great!



David's classes we great too. i really enjoyed using the es1/es2 and getting to understand that more. The whole idea of synthesis has been on the top of my mind ever since that lesson. It is such a beautiful art form, however cryptic it may seem. Thanks David!


... All of the artists were great and the live V j's (i think thats what they are) were inspiring too. I loved seeing all the new hard ware being put to use. with the software live. It has helped me see how it might be possible to do a tangible electronic performance. Lots of new ideas are stirring in my head now like: i dont know, making molds and building midi hardware that has the look of a classic instrument, and also, real analog sound too. Like strings, pickups, and midi controllers...anyways... yea the future is bright for us electronic musicians....



Also, I really enjoyed the producers panel on Saturday. So much knowledge and experience in one room...It was so overwhelming for me and powerful. I could have sat there and listened to them non stop for days on end. i just want to thank everyone that was there sharing their knowledge with us lowly students. It shows a lot of couth, humility and servitude on their part. That says a lot about every one of those guys. At their level of success, they have earned the right to be as rude and as reclusive as they want to be, but despite that, they take it back to the streets. It means a lot to me and I'm sure everyone else.


Overall, I felt such a good sense of being content there. There was just such a warm and loving energy there. Experiencing that with my fellow musician was probably one of the best experiences of my life.


Thanks again guys!




anyone else like to share thier experiences

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yea if you can post the commands that would be nice...also, remember that es1 and/or es2 presets where everything is at minimum settings? That would be cool too...so i can practice that lesson and see where zero is on all of those functions...


:) if not, that of course is cool too.



thanks David⁄! You are the rockenist!

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