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print settings corrupted?


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I recently upgraded from a Dual G4 to a C2D iMac. Now I have the problem that whenever I open any of my songs I created on my old mac, it displays the "page view" incorrectly, i.e. it displays just one huge line.


I figured it could have something to do with page settings so I tried to open "page setup" but nothing happened. No setup window appeared. Also, I cannot get to the print dialog. When I press command-p or select from the menu, nothing happens.


This happens only for those "old" songs. Newly created songs work properly.


I use Logic Pro 7.2.3 and OS X 10.4.8 (on both computers).


I tried changing the instrument set "scale" parameter, but this didn't help neither.


Does anyone have any suggestions? I have tons of scores and I need them working and I don't have the time to manually recreate all of those scores through export/import or somesuch :-(


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



to elaborate on this problem, the messed up score view looks like this.

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