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Logic TDM/Open CoreAudio sessions


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I recently set up a workstation in a multi-user environment for Logic Pro using the DAE and DTDM engines with a Pro Tools 96i interface. I can record audio in a new session just fine with no latency. (Previous recording attempts with CoreAudio produced unusable latency, even with buffer set to 32). The new rig is set up with DAE/DTDM; all the other rigs are using CoreAudio with Digidesign Core Audio Driver 7.0


When I use the new machine to try to open up an existing session created with the CoreAudio engine enabled and nothing else - with some Apple Loops in it, a few soft synths, etc., Logic cannot find the .aif files for the Apple Loops. When I click "Search", Logic crashes. I've confirmed that the Apple Loops (GarageBand loops) are where they're suppposed to be.

Also, if I manually tell Logic where to find a given loop, and it opens OK, but an Apple Loop on an audio track will not playback when the track is set to DAE in the parameter box. Plus, I can't always manually tell Logic where to look everytime - it's a big time waster.


The DAE/DTDM machine is a DP G5 2.5Ghz running Mac OS 10.4.5

Logic Pro is version 7.2.1

Pro Tools is version 7.1cs10

Digi CoreAudio Driver is version 7.0


I work in a multi-user environment where we hand off Logic sessions all the time, but this new rig with the DAE/DTDM setup isn't opening sessions right.


Could anyone offer some assistance and/or advice?


Many thanks,


Brad (Buddhamix)

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Save the sessions as project with all the audio files and you'll save yourself a big headache.


Otherwise, on the new machine, click 'skip' when opening, then go to the Audio window, double click one of the grayed out audio files, and locate it from there. Logic should only need you to indicate the location of one file, and it will find the others if they are at the same place on the drive.

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Thanks David.


Follow up: So, if I've created a session using Apple Loops and Software Instruments on a computer with Logic set to use CoreAudio only, and I take that session and open it on a machine set to use DAE/DTDM only (not CoreAudio), will the tracks automatically switch to playback through DAE?

Or do I have to change the output path of each track?


Initial test here seems to say no - I got no playback through DAE.





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