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control surface setup-active sensing?


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I'm using a Yamaha DM1000 as my mixer and control surface. I'm using it's USB output. It constantly loses communication with Logic and I get the annoying "please power cycle" error message. I've tried disabling the active sensing in the controller setup page, but that doesn't seem to fix the problem.

Anyone else have similar trouble using a controller?


I also have a Frontier Transport that uses USB, and I don't get this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I've moved it from a usb hub to one of the usb jacks on my video monitors. It seems better, maybe that was it.

Seems strange that everything else on that hub behaves.

Not sure what you meant about the power cable, but the DM1000 is powered through an APC back-ups pro with everything else.

thanks David


really wish I could have been at the Remix hotel hang.

any video?

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Well ^($#(@!!!

I thought swapping the usb port took care of this but I'm still get the "lost communication" error!!

There are some active sensing options in the controller setup pages. Anyone know how to disable the constant checking.

This is really frustrating Sometimes it seems to lose communication when I switch apps, but sometimes it just does it on it's own.

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