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Ultrabeat - ability to trigger multiple samples per key


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I understand that there is some limitation in Ultrabeat, which is that it does not provide a means for a user to define sample layers. This sort of sucks, as it has been a common feature on every sampler since the early 1990s (including EXS) -- think of keygroups or zones, where overlapping keygroups or zones cause more than one sample to be played at the same time for a single key event.


Is there a straghtforward way of getting this to happen on Ultrabeat?


I have read about workaraounds like making instruments in EXS, and then loading those into Ultrabeat -- but if I was going to go to that trouble, then at that point I'd just use EXS; I don't want to create an instrument in EXS for the purpose of using it in Ultrabeat.


Understanding the existing limitation, another way to ask this is, can I modify the voices/channels to respond to different MIDI notes than the default? The default has 23 voices each mapped to a different key -- can we change this, say, so that voices 1 & 2 both play on C1, instead of on C1 and C#1?




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Ultrabeat is not a full fledged sampler, it's a drum machine that uses different techniques such as additive synthesis, FM synthesis, ring modulation, physical modeling and sample playback to create drum and bass sounds.


Since it is not a sampler, it does not allow you to edit samples. Which is why to create velocity layered samples, you use EXS24.


In any case, to answer your question, you can use a mapped instrument to remap the voices in Ultrabeat, or you could simply copy the C1 voice onto C#1. (right click a voice to copy/paste)

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