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Logic Newbie


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Hey all,


I'm a new Logic User. Just dove in, bought the retail version and a pro series book... bout 3/4 through.


Whew. my head hurts.


I also work with Reason and Live! Also use Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist 2.. great AU version, although still doesn't work with the intel.. ok, as I'm running a dual G5 2GHz with 2.5Gig of ram. That'll hold me for awhile.


I'm running everything through an Mbox for now, although I may switch over to my Ozonic if I ever give up totally on my PT 7 LE. (I'm not frickin' paying for PT LE M-powered!)


Anywho, I've been reading the forum for awhile, and I like this place. Looks like a ton of knowledge floating around here.


See you 'round.

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VG2 is pretty decent.


I'm a keyboard guy and I do demos to sell songs. I needed a guitar every now and then ...ok.. in country all the time... to make the songs sellable.



VG comes with 4 Gig of studio sampled riffs all sliced and ready to butter.


At first I used all the packaged grooves, which are pretty good, but not always what I wanted. Then I started building my own grooves. Its got a full range of acoustic, nylon, steel, electric, etc. It even comes with a couple mandolin and dobro setups.


I'm pretty happy with it. It works better in logic than it did in Live! or PT LE.


I have a few pet peaves... there is a latch function that is cool, but which toggles on midi input.. so when you stop the song at the wrong time it takes on the wrong "start" mode. There should have been discreet on and off trigger notes.


Here's the first song I put together in Logic. I've had Logic for about a week.


Anyways, you can hear VG2 in action. I could have been less lazy and build some more variations into the groove, as there is basically only two throughout hte song, but you can't really tell its shake-and-bake until you notice no variation. This is a pretty intense progression, but VG2, when you load the XXL version of each instrument has a full chord variation set.


Old Santa's Sleigh

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