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Got a projectmix, got a few questions


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Hi everyone, first time poster but long time lurker.


I just got an M Audo Projectmix I/O, mainly to use with logic and protools.


I have it working quite well, but there are just a few issues I'm wondering about.


(I have a G5 dual 2.0GHZ processors, OSX 10.4.8, LogicPro 7.2.3)


1. It tells me when I hook my projectmix up there should be a dialogue box that comes up called the projectmix Control application. It doesn't come up and I think that updating this (already did the drivers) would help. Anyone know how to bring this up?


2. When I see my track names, they are listed as "Inst 1, Inst 2" etc. Is there any way to get the names to reflect the names I have given the tracks ie "Bass, lead"etc?


Thanks for the help, this is a neat unit, just need to figure out a few little issues.

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I suggest you download the latest updates from the M-audio website. Each installer will speak for itself.


As far as names are concerned; where do you change the names? If you change the track name, nothing changes on the projectmix. But if you change the name of the audio object (doubleclick on the default name in the left panel, under the triangle) you will see it reflected on the controler.


Have fun!

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ok cool I got the tracks names to reflect, thanks!


some weird things are going on though. can't rewind or fastforward, but pretty much everything else works.


did a factory reset, uploaded the latest firmware, the latest drivers. logic is up to date too.


not sure what else I could do, any other ideas?



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Maybe there's something wrong in the Control Surface setup.

Look under Preferences > Control Surface > Setup.

In the left panel is your IN and Out port set to control? If not then make it so.


Also sometimes the Projectmix seems to loose connection with logic. You can resolve this by removing the Projectmix (Logic sees it as a 'Logic Control') from the Setup and re-installing it (again, setting In and Out to control).


Hope this works for you!

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