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23.976 project question


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I keep seeing this 24 drop issue and did not reolize everyone was talking about 23.976p. Unless I am wrong, drop frame doesn't have anything to do with the project rate. I can start a sequence in Media Composer and change the drop to non-drop by changing the ; to a : and vise versa, which is much different then starting my project with a 24fps or 23.976 frame rate. Drop frame doesn't actually drop frames from the video or audio it is just a way of keeping track of what frames are acually there.


Does anyone know of a workaround to get this 24frame project to a 23..976p? I am trying to keep the track information so I can OMF for a session later so I can't just do the dirty 99.9 speed change that would sync it up in the 23.976 project on the Media Composer. Thanks

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