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Losing audio files when Logic crashes


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The recorded files will be there in the "Audio Files' section of your Project. What you need to do is to import them into the current song. This can be a pain if you have recorded them all over the place or don't know where they start. I've got into the habit of starting all my overdubs on a certain bar so that if I do ahve a crash i'll be able to line them up easier.


Any help amigo?

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The files are not in the Project Folder. When I open the song I am working on it cant find the lost files. They just disappear even though I have already saved them. This has happened about 3 times where I'll go to open up a song and it cant detect certain audio files
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Ok. Simple questions first to eliminate the obvious. Bear with me...


1. You using an external hard drive to store the song and audio files? If so, is it powered up when you re-open the session?


2. When Logic opens a song and can't find the relevant audio files, it'll say something like "'******' file not found! " and ask to skip or search for them. Is it doing this?


3. If you open your audio window in Logic, [command 9], and View>Show File Info, it'll tell you where the audio files for that session are stored. Are the files where you expect them to be?


4. If you resave the song as a new project at the end of the day, 'Song 1 Project - 15.11.06' for example, and specifiy where you want it saved to, Logic will do just that. That way all the audio files you have recorded and are using will be in one location for reopening the following day.


Let me know the craic about how you get on.



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Hey Mik, thanks for the help. In answer to your questions:

1. I do use an external hard drive to store the song and audio and yes it is powered when I re-open the session

2. It displays the message "........file not found" and I have tried the search option. I have also done a search on my entire computer for these files and they are nowhere to be found.

3. I have checked the audio window and where the lost files are meant to be it says Logic.Trashes:501: then the name of the song folder. Its the same for all the files that were lost.

4. I always save at the end of the day in the same place I have been working. I then back up onto a separate hard drive.


Hope you can make something of all this!

Thank you so much for your time.



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a coupla possibilities.


if you've selected "emply trash when quitting" your files will be gone.

the only way to get 'em back would be to use something like TechToolPro which will backup you directory data and allow some form of data retrival.

the 501 trashes are somewhere in the user/library.

501 is your user account.


only seen this once with a newbie to macs and logic. lost all his work, he did....

pilot error.

he got the same 501 thingy. we traced it but there was nothing in there.

always set the audio path, recording time, file names, etc, before doing anything serious in logic.

sorry i can't help more.

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As said by Colin, your files are not there because you are directing Logic to save them in the Logic Trashes. This by default is emptied every time you close Logic!


Techtool will really only work if you had it installed before you lost your files. It doesn't work otherwise. I know this by having learnt that lesson the hard way :(


Follow the snaps above to direct Logic where to save your files before you start recording. Press 'Set' and direct the recording path to a folder on your external hard drive where you would like to keep all the relevant files for the song. It is very important to keep a close eye on where yer files are being kept.


If it doubt, save your song as a Project when you are finished your days work. Logic will ask you where you want to save the Project to.


Good luck!



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Hi Guys,


I know this topic is ancient, but I have the precise same problem! Logic 8 crashed number of times, the last time taking one of my snare takes with him.


All the files are neatly in their audio file folder, except for this one. I have no clue why.


Any guesses?


Thanks in advance,


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