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ADC for plug ins and tracking


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Currently I use an Apogee Ensemble but am considering the Symphony I/O. I do mainly audio, full band recording mixing.


With the Ensemble I use the Maestro software for monitoring, this means I leave software monitoring off. I like this because I can have plug ins on aux busses and not have to switch back and forth between "All" and "Instrument Only" in the ADC menu, causing me to need to turn off all the plug ins on the busses so it doesn't screw up the timing of the incoming audio because of any current ADC.


My question is if there is a way to use the new sympohny i/o with software monitoring on and not have the issued of needing to switch between "All" and "Instrument Only" for tracking new tracks. But still be able to work on the mixes between tracking sessions, using plug ins on aux busses.


Thank you,


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By the way, how do you like your ensemble? I'm thinking of getting one.


Thanks for the other post! I really like the Ensemble, it works really well. The only weird thing is it doesn't seem to play nice with word clock and spdif. For example I have an external master clock and was trying to clock the ensemble, focuswrite 828 and a rosetta 200.


The rosetta 200 and ensemble kept losing clock from each other when everything was clocked to WC, so I just clocked the ensemble to the rosetta via spdif and it's worked since.


Besides that it's great! The sound is really fantastic, super stable, Maestro is very cool, just everything about this box is very pro.

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