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Custom mapping parameters on Mainstage with Apogee GIO


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Trying to use Apogee Gio as a 'controller' for Mainstage ... I want to customize the controller assignments and know how to do that in Logic, but it doesn't give me the same window in Mainstage. Here's what I would like to control from 'Gio':


1. Assign stomp buttons to individual 'Mute' on channel strips

2. Use volume from Gio assigned to specific channel strip, and/or overall volume from Master


I've already been in contact with Gio support, but haven't been able to make this work. Note: I am NOT a guitarist, and am not using the Gio for anything other than a foot controller for hands-off live performance using Mainstage.

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The GiO simply transmits MIDI CC messages from each of the switches and the 'Expression' pedal.


In Mainstage Layout mode, make some buttons and a Pedal or Fader object.


MIDI Learn these to the controls from the GiO.


In Edit Mode, map these buttons to whichever MS parameters you need at Concert, Set or Patch levels.






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