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Logic Keeps Crashing


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Hey - I've just done a fresh install of Logic.


It's Logic Studio 8.


The whole time I've had this software - it just randomly crashes.


This is with a brand new, perfect condition MAC PRO - 4 core, 6GB ram bla bla


The software has always done this. And after this fresh install, I'm making my first track in over a week and I laid down some great vocals, before I had chance to click save... it crashed.


I'm so disappointed in this. Don't get me wrong I totally LOVE logic... But it's frustrating that everything is as it should be... I have 1 midi piano track and 1 audio track THATS IT... 2 tracks... and it has to freak out and crash on me.


This happens frequently over the last 6 months.


If anyone knows why this might be happening... I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

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