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Problem opening Sound Track Pro and installing Compressor

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Hi, I have just installed my upgrade copy of Logic Studio on my new MBP. I chose to install everything apart from the apple loops. I connot open Sound Track Pro however.


here is the report...



Also it will not let me install compressor. The option is greyed out on the install DVD.


Anyone got any ideas?

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I called the logic studio support team today and a guy there helped me to resolve the problem.


The issue is in fact a problem with the new iLife '11 which confuses the logic install DVD into thinking Compressor is already installed. Soundtrack Pro will not run if compressor is not installed,so that is why that would not open.


to fix the problem he told me to open up terminal and type in some thing like...


"sudo pkgutil --forget com.apple........"


All is working now, happy days.

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