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Multipressor bypass-latency?? [SOLVED]


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If i want to record something, and i put Multipressor on bypass, there is still latency so that it´s not good to record.

Then if i take Multipressor off completely from the insert-buss, then it´s ok to record.

Is there any sollution that i don´t have to take Multipressor completely away if i want to record something after i´ve begun to mix?

It´s annoying to strip off the mastering-channel just for that. Anybody else the same problem? Thanks.

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Low latency mode?


Thanks. Have to try that.


It´s same with LinMb as Multipressor, they look ahead, but when you put LinMb on bypass it´s really on bypass but Multipressor is kinda not. It´s on bypass but it still looks ahead......Maybe should take "lookahead" off, but then you have to put it on again.......troublesome, really, and then you forget to put it on again. Thanks again in advance.

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