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Recording on Tempo Change


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I tried to record two acoustic guitar tracks (one line one mike) on a project with some minor tempo changes i.e. (75 - 78 bpm tempo).


But the result was two tracks (acoustic guitars) out of sync and the warbling sound of the acoustics guitars as added value.


Why is that?


I tried a workaround. I created another tempo track where the metronome is fixed and did the same recording process again. This time sync and sound was o.k. So I choose the first tempo track (the one with tempo changes) and with the help of Flex (Rhythmic) I did what I wanted to do in return of some sound degradation of the acoustic guitar.


So is it possible to have a nice and clean recording with tempo changes? Or is there something I miss?


Peace. :)

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I've recorded new tracks against tempo changes, no problem.


I'm not sure, but maybe you have "follow tempo" checked on that track and it needs to be unchecked?


BTW, I get great flex results on guitar using the polyphonic algo with the complex box checked. But really, you should be able to record against the changed tempo track without those distortions.


Another thing to try is: Options>Tempo>Remove Tempo Information From File


and then on the same file: Options>Tempo>Export Tempo Information To File

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Thank you Camillio, so much for taking the time and posting valuable information. But I am sorry to say that this is not the cure. But thanks again for taking the time.


The follow tempo box is neither checked or unchecked because the recorded guitar tracks are not Apple loops. But if it is "Flex" is what you intended, no even this time it is still out of sync.


Also the remove/ export tempo information did not help


And thx for the tip (poly - flex) Camillio. I will use it with Acoustic guitar recordings next time, thank you so much.





Yes David, I opened a new project and I am in Heaven again. I think there is as you said something else that causes this. May be it is Superior Drummer or EzPlayer Pro, or may be it is the Midi routing for this Drum sampler. Who knows. I stick on this and will do my very best to post a solution.


Wish me luck. :wink:

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