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Sample rate error and excessive cpu usage


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I was working on a project in Logic 9.1.3 64 bit. All of a sudden everything started to sound slower and like a million dropouts.

Watched the CPU. 1 of 8 cores was peaking. Got an error message.

And again, this came out of nowhere. I didn't add any odd plugins.

What I did before it happened was using cycle to loop 3 bars a while.


Would be grateful to know what could be wrong. Got this problem yesterday also.

Can it be OS X 10.6.5? Installed it yesterday.


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thanks for the tip. tried it but I got no change.

But when I set the buffer to 1024 it's just ok.

But still, from where did this sudden demand of cpu come from? I have worked with projects with a huge amount of more cpu demanding stuff than on this one.


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