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Problem with making new tracks in the arrangement


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When i have made a template for myself and i pre located some (independent from the arrangement) audio channels and virtual instruments in the environment.

When i than start working in my arrangement and add tracks via the "new tracks + sign", logic start using my pre located strips in the environment.

Instead of making an "audio 16" it starts using "audio 1".

Any setting which would undo this discomfort?

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i think i never heard a positive reaction coming out of your mouth, your having fun on this forum (or life)?


i would say thanks for your reaction but i figured it out myself and would like to share it for the benefit of others.


I now have (thanks to the genius idea of david) an virtual instrument with Ultrabeat preloaded in the environment which acts as a side chain trigger.

The purpose of this is that i don't need an midi region in my arrangement with a 4/4 sequence.


But when you make a new virtual instrument in logic it automatically assigns it to virtual instrument 1. So if this instrument wasn't already in the arrangement, making a new virtual instrument in the arrangement will link it to the first unused channel in the environment.


The solution is easy,


In the environment click on the desired channel, than on the left hand side in the parameter-box click "channel" and reassign to a number as high up as you can (for instance "Inst 255" which is just beneath your metronome).




I see where your going with the "hide" button.

But this is for tracks that are in my arrangement, not for tracks that i don't want in my arrangement.

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To expect that people scour the forum and try to compile the information from your two completely independent threads into one is, well, optimistic.


If you choose to leave out all the IFs and BUTs and WHILEs in your initial questions just to bring them in later, then it's reasonable that you are presented with the obvious answers first.


Also, at times, there might be the slight possibility that someone's approach to something is less than optimal and therefore questioning the approach itself is good practice, even if only to confirm that in fact it is the best possible approach.



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