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upgrade to 9.13 from 9.11?


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You can upgrade. Simple precaution: copy your LP 9.1.1 app to any other folder (Documents folder would be fine), rename the copy LP911 or something. Then make sure the original Logic app is in the Applications folder (not in any subfolder), and that its name is exactly Logic Pro, or it won't be seen by the update installer.

After you've done the update you'll have a new "Logic Pro" that is 9.1.3, you can now move Logic 911 from your documents folder back to the Applications folder. IF anything is broken or doesn't work as it did before, you can use the 911 version. Once you are sure you don't need LP911 anymore, you can trash it or move it to the attic...

9.1.3 seems to be working fine for most people.

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