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Finding out how much latency individual plug-ins cause?


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Is there a menu or setting within Logic, that allows me to see how many milliseconds of latency individual plug-ins are causing on a given channel strip?


I like to work with hardware synths monitored live through Logic, with software monitoring on. And with effects on both inserts and aux sends.


I have the low latency mode set to kick in at 1 millisecond, so plug-ins causing delay above that setting will be bypassed with the LLM switched on. But neither Logic's stereo delay or D16 Syntorus chorus are bypassed with LLM switched on, and even with a test setting of 0 milliseconds for the LLM! Does that mean neither of these effects cause latency? Somehow I can't see that being the case!


With LLM switched on, are effects on Aux sends also bypassed?

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Does that mean neither of these effects cause latency?


Yes. Delay is easy, there's no need for the CPU to buffer the direct sound, so it comes out of the plug-in at the same time as it comes in. The plug-in, however, buffers the sound for calculating the repeats, and has all the time in the world (in computer time scale) to calculate some processing for those repeats and spit them out at predetermined intervals.


As for the answer to your question in the title of this thread, I think you've figured it out: use the LLM settings and watch which plug-in get bypassed to determine what plug-in create what amount of latency.

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