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Aux channels don't stay all togheter in the mixer view


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how can resolve this? i use multitimbral instruments with diferent multioutput and when i press + to get aux channels they apear whatever they want!! if i create a group for woodwinds and other to brass , if i open the aux when i create the the multimbral they will be all togheter, when i start changing name in the arrange window for each track all groups are mess up in all vie option( arrange, all, in mixer))!! is the environment is the only solution????


some answer pls because i'm getting very tired of logic, seems every little thing that is easy on other program here is truly complicated



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1.When I create a new Multi timbral instrument I get say 8 tracks in the arrange window.

2. I then go to the mixer and instantiate a MULTI-OUTPUT instrument.

3. Then the + sigh appears at the bottom of that mixer channel strip.

4. Hit the + sign as many times as you want auxs.

5. You can rename them from within the mixer.

While you're in Typing mode just hit the TAB on your keyboard to move to the next channel and keep naming them till you're done.

6. If you want the Aux channels to appear in the Arrange window just select the channels and Control click to Create Arrange tracks.

Another thing is to make sure the Link button is purple above the Global tracks drop down menu in the Track header.

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