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CC11 from XS-8 Slider to Logic Pro [SOLVED]


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Hi everybody,


I'm wondering if you could help me with this.


My master keyboard is an XS8 and has 8 sliders.

I'd like to use one of the slider to control CC11 (expression).


I tried to change the slider directly on the XS8 to respond to CC11 but apparently it's not possible. It only sends sysex info.


I also tried using a transformer in the environment but my knowledge is not deep enough to find the solution!


Do you guys know how to do it?



- Vincent

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Hi J.


I actually am in master mode. I read the manual but it's not helping me much :/


I want to the edit page, assigned the slider to CC7 or CC11.


Then I checked with a monitor object in Logic and it sends sysex, not control change events.

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Maybe I forgot to mention something.


I actually use the XS8 to control virtual instruments.

So I want to use one of the XS8 slider to control (and record) the CC11 on the virtual instrument (not the internal sounds of the XS8).

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Thank you so much! You made my day.


I had 2 errors:

- Zone switch was off.

- The knob control assign was not in "Zone"


And you were right, I just took a look at the manual and the information was there but I didn't understand it that way :/


Thanks again. You just saved me!

- Vincent

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